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BlackBerry KeyOne screen can pop out under pressure
News - July 13, 2017
BlackBerry released a new smartphone in the US recently. Yes, you read that right. BlackBerry is still releasing phones, although this one is made by TCL. The KeyOne is an Android device made by BlackBerry and looks to be of more

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BlackBerry escaped death and is confident of survival
News - February 03, 2017
BlackBerry is still alive even though it's a completely different company now. CEO John Chen has performed an incredible feat of keeping the company alive when everyone said it was dead. BlackBerry will no longer be a top more

BlackBerry looking to autonomous cars for its future
News - January 16, 2017
Remember when BlackBerry was the dominant smartphone maker? It has been a long decade of decline for BlackBerry, but the company is not quite done yet. BlackBerry is looking to autonomous cars to fuel its future. BlackBerry more

Verizon updating BlackBerry Priv with Marshmallow?
News - November 05, 2016
Verizon could be updating the BlackBerry Prv with Android Marshmallow very soon. At least one user posted a screen cap in the CrackBerry Forums claiming to have been updated. Verizon hasn't announced an update, so nobody knows more

BlackBerry will stop making its own devices
News - September 29, 2016
The end of an era is definitely upon us. Actually, BlackBerry's dominance and even relevance in smartphones has been over for some time, but the company finally announced it will no longer make its own devices. From now on, more

BlackBerry launches another Android handset
News - July 28, 2016
BlackBerry is not giving up on devices despite its poor sales record of late. The company launched a new Android handset on Tuesday which the company says is the most secure Android phone on the market. The DTEK50 is available more

BlackBerry finally kills the BlackBerry Classic
News - July 05, 2016
BlackBerry is moving on from the phone that made it an iconic brand. Almost a decade after Apple disrupted BlackBerry's dominance in the smartphone market with the launch of the iPhone, BlackBerry is throwing in the towel on its more

Hillary Clinton is keeping BlackBerry in the news
News - May 15, 2016
As BlackBerry has been in decline, there are fewer and fewer headlines about the once dominant smartphone. Thanks to Hillary Clinton however, BlackBerry remains in the news. I'm not sure it is good news as the most recent more

Facebook dumps BlackBerry
News - March 25, 2016
A few weeks ago we heard WhatsApp would no longer support the BlackBerry 10 OS. That was a pretty big disappointment to BlackBerry fans, but nobody knew there was even worse news coming down the pike. Facebook has now announced more

Hillary Clinton was denied a secure BlackBerry by the NSA in 2009
News - March 17, 2016
When Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State in 2009, she requested a secure, BlackBerry-like device from the government. The NSA said, "no." Apparently, Hillary had been using a BlackBerry during the 2008 campaign and had more

WhatsApp ending support for BlackBerry
News - March 02, 2016
WhatsApp will end support for BlackBerry 10 by the end of the year. The company says it will focus says its messenger service will not work on BlackBerry platforms by the end of this year. BlackBerry is not alone however. more

Is BlackBerry pivoting to the Internet of Thins?
News - March 02, 2016
We all know the history of BlackBerry's dramatic fall from the top of the smartphone market. CEO John Chen was brought on to turn the company around. He had moderate success in cutting expenses and releasing new hardware to more

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