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Pakistan bans BlackBerry for privacy reasons
News - July 27, 2015
The government of Pakistan has issued an order banning BlackBerry Enterprise Server in the country. All operators have been instructed to shut the service down by November 30, 2015. Pakistan is the latest government in recent more

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BlackBerry wins Department of Defense approval for devices
News - July 23, 2015
BlackBerry shared some good news today. The company has won approval by the U.S. Department of Defense for the "use of derived Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) credentials on BlackBerry® OS and BlackBerry® 10 smartphones." The more

Another round of job cuts hits BlackBerry
News - July 20, 2015
BlackBerry has cut more jobs in its continuing effort to turn the company around. As BlackBerry pivots to gain more revenue from software, its cutting even more jobs. The company released a statement today basically saying this more

BlackBerry Passport Bendgate?
News - July 20, 2015
Could the BlackBerry Passport have a bandage issue of its own? According to Softpedia, the new flagship BlackBerry has an issue that causes the screen to come apart from the phone. It has happened on several of their on more

BlackBerry buys Android related domain names
News - July 14, 2015
BlackBerry is definitely getting its Android bona fides on. The company has registered two Android related domain names,, and The domains currently forward to, and the page more

BlackBerry Venice render leaked online
News - July 04, 2015
A new render of a rumored upcoming BlackBerry Android device has hit Twitter. @evleaks posted the render on Twitter, which apparently shows a BlackBerry device, codenamed Venice, running Android Lillipop. The rumors have more

Will BlackBerry design a bacteria free phone for hospitals?
News - June 27, 2015
BlackBerry is considering all kinds of options for the company as it tries to get its feet back on solid ground. Apparently, the company is even thinking about creating a bacteria free phone for use in hospitals. BlackBerry CEO, more

BlackBerry offers $1 private chat subscription for BBM
News - June 27, 2015
BlackBerry is offering a new way to keep your BBM messages private. The company is offering a $1 Privacy and Control Subscription that allows your messages to strip personal information and disappear a la CyberDust. The new more

BlackBerry reports $28 million loss
News - June 24, 2015
BlackBerry reported earnings yesterday, and it looks like they're still losing money. They are losing less money than last year, but revenue is also down. The company reported a loss of $28 million on revenue of $658 million, more

New BBM features Private Chat
News - June 15, 2015
The latest version of BBM for BlackBerry 10 features a new Private Chat mode. Private Chat makes sure there is no trace of your conversation on either device. Once Private Chat is enabled, all contact information is removed more

Will BlackBerry release an Android device?
News - June 12, 2015
Would BlackBerry release a new phone running Android? Reuters is reporting BlackBerry will indeed launch an Android device and they say they have two sources to back up the story. They say the decision is based on CEO John Chen' more

BlackBerry announces OS 10.3.2 update and BlackBerry Blend 1.2
News - June 03, 2015
BlackBerry has announced a new update to BlackBerry 10 that will update all devices to version 10.3.2. The new BlackBerry 10.3.2 brings a few new features like better security, camera and calendar enhancements, and BlackBerry more

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