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BlackBerry Venice slider shown off on video
The next BlackBerry phone is an Android slider called the Venice. We've seen several leaks so far, but today we see a video leak of the new Venice, courtesy of infamous BB leaker, @evleaks. The video shows off some of the camera parts, as well as the slide-out keyboard. BlackBerry has always been known for....more
Samsung pushing ads to some users
Samsung appears to be pushing advertisements in the notification shade for some Galaxy users. According to Android Police, the new ads started appearing recently, although it is not known how widespread the problem is. The ad in question is for the latest Samsung Galaxy Edge. The real question here....more
Major Android security flaw discovered
A major flaw in Android has been discovered by researcher Joshua Drake. The flaw affects nearly all Android users and is quite serious. An attacker can take over the OS using a simple MMS. All the attacker needs to know is the target's phone number. The hack was developed by Joshua Drake, vice pres....more
BlackBerry buys Android related domain names
BlackBerry is definitely getting its Android bona fides on. The company has registered two Android related domain names,, and The domains currently forward to, and the page informs us on what BlackBerry is doing with Android. The page on BlackBe....more
BlackBerry Venice render leaked online
A new render of a rumored upcoming BlackBerry Android device has hit Twitter. @evleaks posted the render on Twitter, which apparently shows a BlackBerry device, codenamed Venice, running Android Lillipop. The rumors have swirled for awhile now, that BlackBerry would release a device running Android, but no ....more
The Ubuntu phone is disappointing
The Ubuntu phone might be a reality, but it is seriously disappointing. Tech Republic took the BQ Aquaris E5 Ubuntu phone for a spin and they struggled to find something good to say. The Ubuntu phone was supposed to allow docking of the device for use on an external monitor, yet be a great smartphone too. ....more
BlackBerry offers $1 private chat subscription for BBM
BlackBerry is offering a new way to keep your BBM messages private. The company is offering a $1 Privacy and Control Subscription that allows your messages to strip personal information and disappear a la CyberDust. The new private chat feature is available on iOS and Android versions of BlackBerry Messenge....more
Will BlackBerry release an Android device?
Would BlackBerry release a new phone running Android? Reuters is reporting BlackBerry will indeed launch an Android device and they say they have two sources to back up the story. They say the decision is based on CEO John Chen's move to rely more on BES12 than BlackBerry OS 10. The company is in the middl....more
Apple finally fixes Shift Key issue in iOS 9
Apple did not make a big deal about the Shift Key in the iOS keyboard at today's WWDC 2015 Keynote, but they have indeed changed the behavior of the keyboard significantly. Historically, the iOS keyboard has only shown capital letters, just like every physical keyboard in the universe. Some people, especial....more
Microsoft finds Skype bug similar to iMessage
Microsoft has patched a bug in Skype that was similar to the iMessage bug found a few days ago. In several versions of Skype, a user receiving the message http://: would have their version of Skype crash. Even worse, once the message was in their history, the app would continue to crash every time th....more
BBM for Windows Phone gets channel support
BBM for Windows Phone has been updated to include channels. The channels feature is a feed that allows users to publish pictures, messages, etc., much like on social sites like Facebook or Twitter. The latest update takes BBM for Windows Phone to version BBM brings you together in th....more
Microsoft makes it easy to port Android apps to Windows Phone
Microsoft is in full court press mode trying to attract developers to its platform. The company released a new video showing how easy it is to port Android apps over to Windows with minimal rewriting of code. The effort is called "Project Astoria" and Microsoft is going all out to show how easy it is to suppo....more
Office downloaded 100 million times on iOS and Android
Microsoft has been morphing itself from a software company, to a device and services company. Since new CEO Satya Nadella came on board, the company has been focused on making its apps available everywhere. Office is the number business for Microsoft, and they want it to be used on all devices. Af....more
Cyanogen releases online video series to show off their OS
Cyanogen wants to conquer Android and the company has created a video series to help them spread the word. The new series will showcase features of the OS and related apps and will help make Cyanogen more accessible to mainstream consumers. The company announced their series on their website and Google Plus....more
iPhone vs Android argument leads to stabbing
Two Tulsa, Oklahoma roommates stabbed each other during an argument over smartphone platforms. The two roommates were apparently drunk when they got into a fanboy discussion about which platform was better, iPhone or Android. A woman came home around 1 am and found a man stumbling around the apartme....more
News Republic shuts down their Windows Phone app
Although Windows Phone has seen some growth recently, and Windows 10 for Phones holds a lot of promise, another high profile app has bailed on WP. News Republic has dropped their Windows Phone apps because it is simply not sustainable. The company dropped their News Republic and Appy Geek reader apps. ....more
Skype for Android gets major update
Microsoft has updated Skype for Android, iOS, and Qik, but the Android update is the most significant. The latest update takes Skype to version 5.3. Microsoft upgraded the chatting environment, and Skype now supports emojis. Skype also introduces speech-to-text via Android Auto with this update. Ot....more
Lollipop update for AT&T Galaxy Note 3 customers now available
AT&T customers using a Galaxy Note 3 can finally grab the Android 5.0 Lollipop update today. Users have probably already been prompted to upgrade by their phone. The upgrade is is over 1 GB in size, so you will need to be on WiFi to update. To update your device manually you can go to Settings > Ge....more
Microsoft apps to be pre-installed on Samsung devices
Microsoft has announced a deal with Samsung that will bring Microsoft services to Samsung's Android devices. The deal is an important move for Microsoft as they try to be have influence on every platform. This is a strikingly different strategy than the Microsoft of old who relied on a near monopoly to keep....more
HTC CEO replaced, stays with company
The CEO of HTC was replaced today, but he's not leaving the company. HTC has released some of the best phones in the industry over the last two years, but the company continues to struggle. After a decade at the helm, CEO Peter Chou stepped down today and will be replaced its existing chairwoman and co-foun....more
Microsoft working on ROM to convert Android phones to Windows Phone
Microsoft is working on an interesting initiative to turn Android phones into Windows Phone. According to TechCrunch, Microsoft is working with power users of Xiaomiís flagship Mi 4 Android smartphone in developing a system to override And....more
FaceTime calls on Android Wear via iPhone possible
Android Wear does not support iOS at the moment, yet one developer was able to get phone calls between the two devices working. Devekioer Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh posted a video showing an Android Wear smartwatch receiving a FaceTime from an iPhone. He even picked up the call just to show that it actually works....more
BlackBerry Blend for BB10 updated
BlackBerry has updated BlackBerry Blend today, bringing new features that make it more effective when using it with other devices. New support for timed messages and Android attachments are now included, as well as security improvements. The new update is available in the App World now. BlackBerry ....more
BBM for Windows Phone updated
BlackBerry has released an update to the BBM messaging app for Windows Phone. The new updating brings BMM for Windows Phone Store to version This is a minor update with the standard bug fixes and can be downloaded in the Windows Phone Store now. "BBM brings you together in the moment with ....more
BlackBerry does not have a fix for FREAK yet
The world was informed of a flaw in nearly every computing platform a couple of weeks ago. The FREAK flaw is an OpenSSL vulnerability that allows man in the middle attacks on devices that could be tricked to use lower forms of encryption. Nearly every copy of Windows, Mac OS, BlackBerry, Android, iOS, etc.,....more
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Found: 818   Displaying: 1 - 25 << First | Prev || Next | Last >>

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