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Facebook dumps BlackBerry
A few weeks ago we heard WhatsApp would no longer support the BlackBerry 10 OS. That was a pretty big disappointment to BlackBerry fans, but nobody knew there was even worse news coming down the pike. Facebook has now announced it is dropping support for BlackBerry 10 in 2016. Facebook's decision will no d....more
BlackBerry dumping BB10 in favor of Android, for now
BlackBerry released their first Android phone last year, and it looks like the company loves Android. The BlackBerry Priv is doing pretty well, and BlackBerry says it will likely introduce another Android phone this year. BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, made the announcement in an interview at CES. Chen....more
BlackBerry Blend for BB10 updated
BlackBerry has updated BlackBerry Blend today, bringing new features that make it more effective when using it with other devices. New support for timed messages and Android attachments are now included, as well as security improvements. The new update is available in the App World now. BlackBerry ....more
Two-factor authentication app for BlackBerry 10 released
There are several two-factor authentication apps for BlackBerry, but Cyphercor Inc. is throwing their hat in the ring for BB10. The company announced their native two-factor authentication app for BlackBerry 10. According to the page in the BlackBerry World, the LoginTC app allows users to securely log on t....more
Whatsapp for BlackBerry 10 updated
Although BlackBerry would prefer all its user use BBM, there are other messaging apps for BlackBerry. WhatsApp is probably the most popular messaging app in the world, and they have recently updated their app for BlackBerry 10. Users should already see an update for Whatsapp in the BlackBerry App World. more
Forbes - BlackBerry stuck in the past
It appears some people are not very excited about BlackBerry going back to its roots with the BlackBerry Classic. In a response to John Chen's blog post yesterday touting the BlackBerry Classic, Forbes has run a piece by Ewan Spence slamming BlackBerry and even calling them disingenuous. more
How to switch to the BlackBerry Passport from iOS or Android
The BlackBerry Passport is official and BlackBerry is doing everything it can to encourage you to switch from your iOS or Android device. The company has published a blog post with all sorts of information designed to help you make the switch. For starters, they have released a 100 page ebook entitled, "Di....more
BlackBerry names former Sybase executive as COO
BlackBerry made a bold addition to their executive team. Since the restructuring of BlackBerry began with John Chen taking over as CEO, the company has been without a chief operating officer. That has changed today with the announcement that former Sybase executive, Marty Beard, has been named as BlackBerry....more
BlackBerry allows other companies to manage BB10 devices
BlackBerry is opening up, and it's about time. The company announced today it will allow other companies to manage BB10 devices. Previously, BlackBerry had a walled garden and companies had to use BlackBerry Enterprise Server to manage their devices. The move will make BlackBerry devices appealing even to ....more
BlackBerry Z3 shown in the wild
BlackBerry announced the upcoming BB Z3 at the end of February. The Z3 is another full touchscreen phone by BlackBerry that will focus on the low end of the smartphone market. We haven't seen many photos of the Z3 until now. GengBBM has posted a photo of the Z3 along side the BB Z30 and Z10. The BlackBerr....more
IDC BlackBerry marketshare 0.6%
Research company IDC has some good news and bad news for BlackBerry. The trick is figuring out which is which. IDC reports BlackBerry has 0.6% marketshare for smartphones. Compared to last month's report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners that BlackBerry had 0%, the IDC report is good news. But,....more
BlackBerry 10 has the fastest mobile browser
BlackBerry 10 is still dominant over iOS and Android browsers in terms of load times. New Relic tested all of the mobile browsers and found that BlackBerry 10 smokes the competition by a wide margin. New Relic took data from over 16 billion mobile browser page views during October of 2013. The da....more
BlackBerry offers Valentine's Day app giveaway
BlackBerry is running a Valentine's Day app promotion for BB10 users called "Free Giveaway." From February 8-14, BlackBerry users can download popular games like Plants vs. Zombies, Need for Speed Undercover, Tetris, YAHTZEE Adventures, The Game of Life, Monopoly Millionaire, and more. During the promotion ....more
BlackBerry to offer a free app per day through December
In an effort to gain back some momentum, BlackBerry will run a winter sale on BlackBerry 10 apps. BlackBerry will offer a free app per day throughout December. Popular apps like Angry Birds will be offered for free. The apps will run on handsets like the Q5, Q10, Z10 and Z30, which run on its BB10 operating....more
Evernote app released for BlackBerry 10
Evernote has released a native BlackBerry 10 app. Previously users could use the Reminders app/Evernote integration, but now BB10 owners have a native app. "This award winning app lets you remember and recall anything that happens in your life. From notes to ideas to snapshots to recordings, put i....more
BlackBerry changes its tune on PlayBook running BB10
BlackBerry is changing its tune regarding its PlayBook tablet running BlackBerry 10. Back in January, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins promised users the PlayBook would run BB10 in the future. Mr. Heins now says the device did not feel right with BlackBerry 10 and the company will focus on other products inste....more
Verizon CEO sees strong demand for BlackBerry Q10
BlackBerry launched the Z10 to mixed reviews a few months ago, but the Q10 has had a better reception. Initial reports from Canada suggest people were waiting for the Q10 because of its QWERTY keyboard. According to Verizon Wireless CEO Daniel S. Mead, the same can be said for American users. more
Skype for BlackBerry Q10 now available
Skype has announced the availability of its BlackBerry 10 app. Oddly, the app only works with the Q10 right now, but the Q10 isn't out yet. Skype is quick to point out that this is a preview version (beta) and not finalized yet.
Keep in mind that this release is still in preview state w....more
Selfridges offering BlackBerry Q10 this weekend
UK retailer Selfridges will have the BlackBerry Q10 in stock ahead of other retailers. BlackBerry UK tweeted the news that Selfridges will start selling the Q10 this Friday thru Sunday for £580. They are already taking pre-orders so you can order a black BlackBerry Q10, or wait until Friday and take your ch....more
BlackBerry Q10 coming to Canada on May 1
We won't have to wait much longer for the BlackBerry Q10 to arrive. The BB10 QWERTY device will hit Canada on May 1 on Rogers Wireless, Bell Mobility and TELUS. It will also be available on Virgin Mobile Canada, Fido, Koodo Mobile, and Sasktel, and available in select retail locations, including Best Buy, Fu....more
Can BlackBerry regain its momentum?
No matter what happens in the future, BlackBerry as a company has turned around. The company managed to extend its life by cranking out a new BB10 OS, and new devices. The once dominant smartphone maker went through a brutal few years of losses in both the marketplace and stock market. While Apple and And....more
BlackBerry secures big corporate order
BlackBerry has received a large corporate order for 3,000 BlackBerry 10 smartphones. The company who ordered the BlackBerrys, Canadian Tire Corp., will issue the BB10 devices to its employees later this month. Canadian Tire ordered both BlackBerry Z10s and Q10s for use in its sporting-goods, and auto-parts....more
BlackBerry 10.1 includes several new features
BlackBerry is giving BlackBerry OS 10.1 to developers this week and the first major BB10 update has some new features. Crackberry has the low down on 14 new features with the most notable being HDR photos, PIN-to-PIN messaging within the BlackBerry Hub, and an improved text picker. BlackBerry contin....more
Analyst says BlackBerry working on a 5-inch BB10 device
Jefferies analyst Peter Misek has given BlackBerry a Buy rating, with a target price of $22. In a recent research note, Misek says BlackBerry will launch 2-3 more BlackBerry 10 devices this year, and one will have a 5-inch display. "Based on our checks we believe confirmation that 2-3 additional BB1....more
Rogers and Telus take pre-orders for BlackBerry Q10
The BlackBerry Q10 will be coming to Canada in the coming weeks. Both Rogers Communications and Telus said the Q10 will be available in the “coming weeks.” No exact dates have been given, but both companies are offering pre-orders of the BB10 QWERTY phone now. Bell, Telus and Rogers will sell the Bl....more
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