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Silver BlackBerry Passport leaked
There have been several rumors about a new BlackBerry, but it looks like we now have some proof. BlackBerry will apparently release a new silver Passport codenamed "Dallas." A picture of the new silver Passport showed up on BlackBerry10 FR. The specs of the silver Passport are the same as the cur....more
BlackBerry announces OS 10.3.2 update and BlackBerry Blend 1.2
BlackBerry has announced a new update to BlackBerry 10 that will update all devices to version 10.3.2. The new BlackBerry 10.3.2 brings a few new features like better security, camera and calendar enhancements, and BlackBerry Blend. The update should be available as the carriers approve it in the coming wee....more
BlackBerry wins dismissal of shareholder lawsuit
BlackBerry won the dismissal of a lawsuit on Friday accusing the company of misleading investors by painting a misleading picture of BlackBerry10's prospects. U.S. District According to Reuters, Judge Thomas Gr....more
BlackBerry teases with Tweet ahead of Super Bowl
BlackBerry wants everyone to see their Super Bowl ad, and the company is teasing us with a tweet. As everyone knows, BlackBerry spent several million dollars on an ad that will run during the Super Bowl. To get maximum traction, the company account tweeted the following today: "Whaaat is going on?!....more
Leaked BlackBerry Z10 parts suggest 4.3 inch display
BlackBerry 10 parts are leaking as we get closer to RIM's big launch. ETrade Supply claims to have a leaked LCD, touchscreen digitizer, and housing for the new Z10 BlackBerry. If their claims are true, the new BB10 device will have a 4.3 inch display. The leaked parts also suggest the BB10 device will spo....more
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