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BlackBerry Classic officially launched
In an effort to turn back the clock and woo some of its old fans back to the platform, BlackBerry began shipping the BlackBerry Classic today. Looking like a BlackBerry Bold, the BlackBerry Classic brings back the best mobile keyboard ever designed, to an era of large touchscreen devices. Will the gamble pa....more
BlackBerry taking pre-orders for Classic
BlackBerry Bold and Curve fans have a reason to celebrate. BlackBerry is currently taking pre-orders on the BlackBerry Classic. The BlackBerry Classic is a throw back phone design that resembles the BlackBerry Bold. Do you miss the physical keyboard? BlackBerry wants to satisfy your longing for the days w....more
Forbes - BlackBerry stuck in the past
It appears some people are not very excited about BlackBerry going back to its roots with the BlackBerry Classic. In a response to John Chen's blog post yesterday touting the BlackBerry Classic, Forbes has run a piece by Ewan Spence slamming BlackBerry and even calling them disingenuous. more
BlackBerry going back to basics with the Classic
BlackBerry CEO John Chen announced the BlackBerry Classic in a blog post today. After announcing a totally new design in the BlackBerry Passport a few weeks ago, it looks like the company is going back go basics. Mr. Chen teased us all with his announcement of the BlackBerry Classic today. more
Kim Kardashian buys BlackBerrys on eBay
Kim Kardashian turned up at a tech conference this week. What? Yep, she sure did. Kardashian was interviewed at the Code Mobile conference on Monday, and it turns out she is an avid BlackBerry user. Kim says she likes the BlackBerry Bold so much she shops for them on eBay. She has three of them ....more
BlackBerry Passport shown off on video
Will BlackBerry's bold handset move pay off? The company announced the odd shaped Passport and it is intriguing to say the least. At first glance it seems so crazy, but there is a chance BlackBerry could convince some people to use it simply because it is different. This YouTube video walkthrough....more
BlackBerry names former Sybase executive as COO
BlackBerry made a bold addition to their executive team. Since the restructuring of BlackBerry began with John Chen taking over as CEO, the company has been without a chief operating officer. That has changed today with the announcement that former Sybase executive, Marty Beard, has been named as BlackBerry....more
BlackBerry says Android and iOS users already switching to Passport
BlackBerry says Android and iOS users are already switching back to BB because of the Passport. The BB Passport is new, and thus users want to come back to check it out. That's the logic at BlackBerry anyway. They could be right, but keep in mind the title of their blog post is "Welcome Back! 12 Consumers E....more
BlackBerry Passport shown off in video
BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, showed off two upcoming BlackBerry phones last week. The BlackBerry Classic and Passport will make their appearances this year. The BlackBerry Classic looks like a BlackBerry Bold with a slight larger screen. The Passport is more interesting because of its square design. <....more
Samsung adds merlot red and rose gold to Note 3
Samsung is following other companies in offering new colors for its popular smartphones. The Galaxy Note 3 is going to be offered in two new colors, rose gold, and merlot red. The rose gold version actually only has gold on the edge of a white phone, and on the Samsung emblem on the back. The two colors go....more
BlackBerry writes open letter to customers
BlackBerry is struggling, but they want their customers to know they can still be counted on. The company has written an open letter to its customers in an effort to stem the tide of those leaving for greener pastures with other smartphones. BlackBerry says they are making changes to cut their expenses by ....more
BlackBerry should get back to basics
It might be too late for BlackBerry to recover from its painful decline, but their only chance is to get back to basics. When Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, the consumer market shifted. BlackBerry had dominated the enterprise market for years and was afraid Apple would eat into their market. They pani....more
Steve Ballmer announces retirement, stock surges
Steve Ballmer has announced his retirement from Microsoft. The stock market apparently loves the news because Microsoft's stock jumped by 7.29%. Love him or hate him, Ballmer has been with Microsoft for a very long time. He may have made some mistakes along the way, but Microsoft has done well over the yea....more
Sprint to launch HTC One on April 19
Sprint has officially announced its support for the HTC One. The new flagship HTC phone will be available on April 19 with pre-orders starting on April 5. Sprint customers will not be able to purchase a 64GB version as it is an AT&T exclusive, but they can get the 32GB version for $199, with a two year agre....more
Will HP go Android and face Microsoft?
If for some reason, Hewlett-Packard introduces an Android tablet, the highest possible reason could be that Microsoft is one of its motivating factors according to economic analysts. "I can see why they would go down this route instead of sticking with Microsoft for everything," said Ben Bajarin, a p....more
BlackBerry 10 QWERTY photos leaked
More leaked photos came out today ahead of BlackBerry 10's launch. This time the photos are of a BlackBerry 10 device with QWERTY keyboard. This device will supposedly be called the X10, but that's not confirmed at this point. The new BB10 QWERTY device looks like a BlackBerry Bold 9900 with a very....more
New BlackBerry 10 N-Series QWERTY Smartphone pics leak
Just in time for Christmas, new photos of the upcoming BlackBerry 10 QWERTY N-Series Smartphone have leaked. Chinese website has posted two pictures of the next QWERTY smartphone that RIM will release, but gave no further information. It looks like a BlackBerry Bold, but nicer. If you rely on th....more
Apple should not wait to revamp iOS
Let's face it, Apple is behind. The company that changed the smartphone forever is now behind the curve in the smartphone world. iOS is starting to feel old at a time when other companies are moving ahead with operating systems that feel fresh. Microsoft has a brand new UI with Windows Phone 8. No more bo....more
RIM CEO says "we are going to regain our market share with BlackBerry 10"
In a recent BBC interview, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins continued to state his belief that the BlackBerry is not dead. Mr. Heins touted the fact that BlackBerry has 80 million users around the world and is experiencing huge growth outside the United States.
"What I see in my markets outside th....more
Spotify for BlackBerry available now
Spotify for BlackBerry is no longer in Preview. The final version of Spotify for BlackBerry is now available in the BlackBerry App World. To download the app simply to go on your BlackBerry. Spotify for BlackBerry is compatible with GSM BlackBerrys including the Bold 9780, Bold 9700, ....more
Missed Call Number Icon Indicator for BlackBerry
Home screen Missed calls Number icon indicator. Get a quick overview on your BlackBerry® device's missed calls status. Missed calls Icon Indicator shows missed calls number on missed call icon on device home screen. Features: * Missed calls number on application icon on home screen * M....more
RIM tries "Wake Up, Be Bold" campaign
RIM has launched a new website that takes aim at Apple iPhone users. The Wake Up and Be Bold site is apparently trying to convince us that BlackBerry users are more serious for some reason. Taking a swipe at Apple's well known slogan the site says, BlackBerry users don’t just “think different,” they “do dif....more
Angry Farm for BlackBerry
Courtesy of Smarter Apps, the popular Angry Farm game comes to the BlackBerry. The Farmer is away and the farm has been overrun by an army of hungry foxes. You have to go after them. There are 50 new levels for a total of 250. Angry Farm for BlackBerry is compatible with the following dev....more
RIM giving away a BlackBerry Bold a day
In continuing with their BlackBerry Be Bold campaign, RIM is giving away a BlackBerry Bold per day for 70 days. From March 22nd to May 31st RIM is giving away 70 BlackBerry Bold 9900 devices. The contest applies to residents of the US and Canada (exluding Quebec). To enter the contest simply scan ....more
Unofficial "It's not a toy" BlackBerry commercial released
Here is an unofficial BlackBerry user sent to us by independent film company, Hand Hammered Films. They think RIM's recent "Be Bold" commercials did not go far enough, and they made this commercial in response. Here's what they had to say about their 30 second spot:
We made “It’s Not a ....more
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Found: 228   Displaying: 1 - 25 << First | Prev || Next | Last >>

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