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Rhapsody and Napster get Chromecast Support
Rhapsody and Napster are now casting to Google's Chromecast from your Android phone or tablet. The announcement was made today via Rhapsody's Blog. Rival service Pandora has been on Chromecast for awhile now so Rhapsody is a little late, but better late than never right? The latest versions of Rh....more
BBM Stickers selling surprisingly well
BlackBerry decided to monetize BBM for iOS and Android by selling stickers to its customers. The BBM app is free, but BlackBerry is up selling customers with fancy stickers. Many questioned the move when it was announced about a week ago, but the results are in, and they're doing surprisingly well. more
Facebook Messenger for Android adds Free WiFi calling
Facebook Messenger for Android has been updated with a big new feature. Now you can make free WiFi calls using Messenger for Android. Free WiFi calls hasn't even made it to Google Hangouts on Android yet, although iOS users have had the feature for awhile. Also new in the updated Messenger is a Gro....more
Microsoft will make Windows free for devices under 9 inches
Microsoft's new CEO seems to be having a big impact since taking over the software giant. One of the bigger pieces of news to come out of Build 2014 was the announcement that Microsoft will make Windows and Windows Phone free for devices under 9 inches. That is huge news for Microsoft. How could they expec....more
Amazon announces Fire TV streaming video box
Amazon is jumping into the streaming video box market with its own Fire TV box. Amazon announced Fire TV today, and it amounts to another competitor to Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast. Fire TV includes voice search which allows you to speak into the remote control and find movies by name. Other than that, th....more
iPhone users should dump Gmail
A little more than a year ago Google dropped Exchange support for iOS devices. Before Google crapped on millions of iPhone users who depended Gmail, iOS Mail and Gmail via Exchange was the best way to get push mail on any device. Apple’s Mail client on the iPhone was fantastic, and paired with Gmail it made....more
Group photo messaging coming to BBM
BlackBerry has announced new features coming to BBM for Android and iOS. The company made the announcement on its blog. BBM for Android and iOS will get group photo messaging, and larger file size support in the next version. The company also said they will continue to improve BBM with new features in the ....more
Blackphone shown off at MWC 2014
In the wake of Edward Snowden's NSA revelations, users are looking for privacy. Blackphone is a completely private phone designed to protect your privacy in several ways. It has baked in apps that protect you, as well as end to end encrypted dialing, VPN, etc. They were showing the phone off at M....more
Send top secret messages with Wickr
Every since Edward Snowden leaked details of the US Government’s surveillance activities, Internet users have been looking for a secure way to communicate. Although services like Apple’s iMessage, and BlackBerry’s BBM claim to be completely secure, it seems as though the NSA may have a way around their encryp....more
BlackBerry working on octa-core 64-bit device?
According to N4BB, BlackBerry is working on a device that will use a 64-bit octa-core processor. The mystery device, codenamed "Ontario" will supposedly launch in 2015. N4BB claims the new device will use a 2.3GHz Snapdragon MSM8974 quad-core Krait processor. Eight core Android phones are startin....more
BlackBerry not doing so well in Indonesia
BlackBerry was once dominant in Indonesia, but it appears the Canadian smartphone maker has lost ground to Samsung and Apple. The Indonesian market has been soft for BlackBerry as users hungry for apps are going for Android and iOS. According to a report from the International Data Corporation (IDC), BlackB....more
Steve Wozniak says Apple Should Make an Android Phone
Woz was interviewed by Wired recently, and gave his thoughts on Apple making an Android phone. Really? Who cares? Woz was a brilliant engineer in the early days of Apple, but that doesn't mean he would have, or could have turned that small start up into the world's most dominating brand. Here's W....more
BlackBerry 10 has the fastest mobile browser
BlackBerry 10 is still dominant over iOS and Android browsers in terms of load times. New Relic tested all of the mobile browsers and found that BlackBerry 10 smokes the competition by a wide margin. New Relic took data from over 16 billion mobile browser page views during October of 2013. The da....more
How will Satya Nadella change Microsoft?
Microsoft announced its new CEO pick, insider Satya Nadella the other day. The pick represents a huge change for Microsoft as Nadella is only the third CEO in Microsoft's history. Microsoft also announced Bill Gates would step down as chairman, but take a more active role in the company. How will ....more
Samsung is failing says CNNMoney
Samsung had the most popular phones on the market. Their latest Galaxy S4 was the fastest selling Android phone of all time, but apparently that is not enough to keep their stock price up. Analysts were expecting Samsung to sell more than the 40 million S4's they sold in six months. The company released un....more
BlackBerry gets order for 10,000 handsets
BlackBerry has had more than its share of bad news for the past several years. We all know the story about how the company crumbled in the wake of iOS and Android, but not everyone is bailing. One company just put in a big order with BlackBerry and the reason is a bit surprising. Europe's second l....more
BlackBerry doing well with corporate and government clients
It's not all bad new for BlackBerry apparently. According to Reuters, BlackBerry is doing well with corporate and government clients. In fact, the number of large corporations or governments that are either running, or testing BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 has grown by 20 percent. Companies like Morgan ....more
BlackBerry pens open letter to enterprise customers
BlackBerry has issued its third open letter in recent months, this time to its enterprise customers. BlackBerry has received so much bad press recently, the company felt the need to assure enterprise customers that BlackBerry is still around and doing well. The letter basically admits that BlackBerry will s....more
Amazon offers unlocked Moto G for $179
Amazon is offering the Moto G unlocked for $179 or $199. The Moto G will be released on December 4, but Amazon is taking pre-orders now. You can pick up an 8GB or 16GB version for $179 or $199 respectively. The Moto G features a 4.5 inch 720p HD TFT display, Quad-core 1.2GHz processor with 450MHz graphics ....more
Android 4.4 KitKat unofficially running on HP TouchPad
The HP TouchPad was released two years ago when webOS was still an HP project. Since then, webOS has gone open source and people have been porting versions of Android on the device. Now there is a port of the latest version of Android KitKat for the TouchPad. The HP TouchPad is a 9.7 inch tablet ....more
Final Fantasy III Review
Final Fantasy III has been a 1990 RPG classic. Now, it comes to the Android OS with high prices and expectations. There are many popular RPG makers out there in the Android Market like Kemco and Gamevil . Can Square Enix survive this? We’ll find out. The first port of Final Fantasy III happened in 20....more
Gold HTC One is official
HTC officially announced a gold version of the HTC One. The HTC One is the Android phone with the closest resemblance to the iPhone in terms of quality and design, so why not follow Apple's footsteps and offer a gold phone? The gold is subtle and muted, but very nice. The gold HTC One is otherwise ....more
BlackBerry updates BBM for Android and iOS
BlackBerry has released an updated version of BBM for Android and iOS. The update address various bugs and improvements, and also adds iPad and iPod support. The new version adds the feature of allowing users to invite contacts to BBM groups using their email address. The new version also includes ....more
HTC One Max on Sprint this Friday
Sprint has officially announced the HTC One Max phablet will be available November 15, 2013. You can pick one up from sprint for $249 on a new contract. The HTC One Max has a massive 5.9-inch display, runs Android 4.3 on a Snapdragon 600 processor. Other specs include: 5.9-inch 1080p HD displa....more
Windows Phone market share up 156%
Windows Phone has been sluggish at best, but things may be turning around. Windows Phone market share is up 156% year over year. IDC has released their quarterly report and Windows Phone is in third place behind Android and iOS, at 3.6% market share. 3.6% market share is still embarrassingly low, but it mar....more
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Found: 762   Displaying: 1 - 25 << First | Prev || Next | Last >>

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