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BlackBerry Priv launching November 6 in the UK
BlackBerry is getting ready to launch its first Android smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard. The new BlackBerry Priv will launch in the UK on November 6, 2015. It will go head to head against the iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S6. Will the world welcome an Android powered BlackBerry? The BlackBerry Pr....more
Samsung pushing ads to some users
Samsung appears to be pushing advertisements in the notification shade for some Galaxy users. According to Android Police, the new ads started appearing recently, although it is not known how widespread the problem is. The ad in question is for the latest Samsung Galaxy Edge. The real question here....more
Crazy Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge drop test
If you're in the market for a Samsung Galaxy S6 you will definitely want to watch this crazy drop test. Actually, it's more like a slam test. Companies perform all kinds of drop tests on their products to make sure they can survive the rigors of real life. Usually they hold a phone between 3 and 5 feet off....more
Lumia 930 wins blind camera comparison ahead of Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus
The folks at Phone Arena did a camera shoot out of six smartphones. They compared the Nokia Lumia 930, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, iPhone 6 Plus, Google Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, and HTC One M9. They took several shots with each phone in different lighting conditions, and asked people to vote on the best one.....more
Lollipop update for AT&T Galaxy Note 3 customers now available
AT&T customers using a Galaxy Note 3 can finally grab the Android 5.0 Lollipop update today. Users have probably already been prompted to upgrade by their phone. The upgrade is is over 1 GB in size, so you will need to be on WiFi to update. To update your device manually you can go to Settings > Ge....more
Microsoft apps to be pre-installed on Samsung devices
Microsoft has announced a deal with Samsung that will bring Microsoft services to Samsung's Android devices. The deal is an important move for Microsoft as they try to be have influence on every platform. This is a strikingly different strategy than the Microsoft of old who relied on a near monopoly to keep....more
Samsung Galaxy S6 teardown by iFixit
iFixit has made a name for itself by breaking into all of our favorite gadgets and showing us their guts. Their teardown videos have become sort of a hit as people are dying to how their devices are made. The latest teardown from iFixit is of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and it is an interesting one. With no visi....more
Sprint rolling out Lollipop for Galaxy 4 users
Sprint has released the latest Android 5 update for its Samsung Galaxy 4 users today. The Lollipop update is going out over the air and users will start to receive a notification that they should update. If you cannot wait for the update you can try launching the Settings app to grab the update manually. I....more
Samsung Galaxy S6 leaked photos
The Samsung Galaxy S6 is due out soon and pictures are starting to leak. This time the pictures above were posted to the XDA forums. The leaker does not identify himself or where he got the phone, but it is likely a demo unit. Covered by bubble wrap, the phone is hard to see in the original pictures. ....more
Samsung Galaxy S6 pics leaked
Samsung is making a huge shift in its Galaxy line if recently leaked pics are to be believed. The company is apparently taking a page from Apple and moving to an all metal design for the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone. It appears the company will dump its famous plastic back in favor of an iPhone'ish metal ba....more
HTC One M8 Google Play Edition going away
Most diehard Android fans want a pure Google experience on their phone. Some vendors create custom Google versions of their phones to the delight of the pure Android experience. HTC created a Google Play Edition of their One M8, but it appears Google is phasing it out. The HTC One M8 Google Play Ed....more
Samsung rumored to launch Galaxy S6 Edge with two Edge displays
Samsung released the Galaxy Note Edge last year as a proof of concept of sorts. It was an effort at showing the world its innovation chops. Whether a curved display is needed or wanted is up for debate, but Samsung looks to be pushing the envelope a bit further. A rumor is floating that Samsung will relea....more
Samsung Galaxy Mega stops bullet, saves man's life
Can your smartphone stop a bullet and save your life? A man in Taiwan put the theory to the test, and his Samsung Galaxy Mega passed with flying colors. Apparently, the man was involved in a bar fight over a wallet he found. After making the comment, "free beer," the owner of the wallet got upset. He pull....more
Samsung Galaxy Note Pro up for pre-order in the UK
The Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 Pro hasn't hit US shores yet, but it will soon be available in the UK. The massive Galaxy Note 12.2 Pro is up for pre-order in the UK. The price on the Note Pro is £649, about $1,076 US. For that price you get a WiFi version, in black or white. You also get a Gamepad worth £80....more
Samsung is failing says CNNMoney
Samsung had the most popular phones on the market. Their latest Galaxy S4 was the fastest selling Android phone of all time, but apparently that is not enough to keep their stock price up. Analysts were expecting Samsung to sell more than the 40 million S4's they sold in six months. The company released un....more
Samsung adds merlot red and rose gold to Note 3
Samsung is following other companies in offering new colors for its popular smartphones. The Galaxy Note 3 is going to be offered in two new colors, rose gold, and merlot red. The rose gold version actually only has gold on the edge of a white phone, and on the Samsung emblem on the back. The two colors go....more
iPhone 5S and 5C fail accuracy test
A recent report seems to prove the iPhone 5S and 5C displays are not the most accurate displays on the market. OptoFidelity built a special machine to test the display and the results are very interesting. The robot featured a precision-calibrated arm and finger, and it was set to continuously touch smartphon....more
Apple iPhone 5S is top selling phone in US on all carriers
To say that Apple's iPhone 5S is popular is an understatement. Apple's latest iPhone is now the leading smartphone on all US carriers for the month of September. According to CNET, Canaccord Genuity’s latest report shows the iPhone 5S has taken over the top spot from Samsung's Galaxy S4, despite being relea....more
Sprint offers HTC One in glamor red
Sprint is on a roll lately with exclusive colors for their phones. They just launched a purple Galaxy S4, and now they have an exclusive on the HTC One. Starting tomorrow, August 16, Sprint will launch an exclusive "glamor red" version of the HTC One. The new red phone will cost $199 on the standard 2-year....more
Sprint offers purple Galaxy S4
If the standard Samsung Galaxy S4 colors are not enough for you, Sprint has a new solution. Sprint is currently offering a purple Galaxy S4. The Purple Mirage Samsung Galaxy S4 is now exclusively available at your local Sprint store, and available August 16th online. The purple is a Sprint-only c....more
HTC One is third in US smartphone sales
HTC has a hit on their hands with the HTC One. The company bet its future on the HTC One, and so far things are going quite well. According to R.W. Baird’s William Power, the HTC One is the third best selling smartphone in the US behind the iPhone 5 and Samsung's Galaxy S4. Is it enough to save the company....more
Five million HTC One phones sold so far
HTC has been in a world of hurt in recent years, and the company has banked its future on its flagship HTC One Android phone. The company has shuffled its executives around and is desperately trying to get back to the days when HTC was a dominant player in the smartphone space. It is not all bad n....more
Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition will be US only
Samsung phones are very popular these days, but a lot of users can do without their proprietary TouchWiz UI. Many users want a stock Google version of Android and their wish is coming true. A Google Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is launching in the US next month. For $650, you can purchase one from the ....more
Android and iOS to get Department of Defense security approval
BlackBerry has enjoyed security approvals from the Department of Defense for some time now. According to The Wall Street Journal, the DoD will be announcing security approvals for Samsung Galaxy handsets as well as iPhones and iPads in the next couple weeks. This is obviously great news for Apple and Samsun....more
Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders go live in Canada
Telus is now taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Users can no sign up to get the new Galaxy S4 for $199 from Telus. To get the $199 price users will choose the 16GB version, and will have to agree to a 3-year agreement. The S4 is scheduled to start shipping on April 27, and be in stores on....more
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