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WhatsApp ending support for BlackBerry
WhatsApp will end support for BlackBerry 10 by the end of the year. The company says it will focus says its messenger service will not work on BlackBerry platforms by the end of this year. BlackBerry is not alone however. WhatsApp will also dump support for Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian S60, Android 2.1 and 2.2....more
Nokia considering sale of HERE maps business
According to Bloomberg, Nokia is considering a sale of HERE maps. The company declined comment, but shares of the company were up on the news. HERE maps has been widely hailed as one of the best mapping solutions out there. Nokia could make a bundle if they sold the business. Should Microsoft buy it? ....more
Lumia 930 wins blind camera comparison ahead of Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus
The folks at Phone Arena did a camera shoot out of six smartphones. They compared the Nokia Lumia 930, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, iPhone 6 Plus, Google Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, and HTC One M9. They took several shots with each phone in different lighting conditions, and asked people to vote on the best one.....more
Cyanogen CEO sees Samsung going down in 5 years
Although Samsung has been dominant in the smartphone space for the last few years, one Android insider says they're going to lose to the competition. Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster doesn't think Samsung can hang in there for too much longer. In fact, he told Business Insider that Samsung will get "slaughtered" ....more
BlackBerry Z3 launching in India next week
BlackBerry will launch the low cost BlackBerry Z3 in India next week. The company has sent out invitations to a launch event on June 25 entitled, "Today's India smartphone is here." The Indian market is known for its low cost devices and the Z3 was created specifically for the Indian market. These facts su....more
Nokia is now officially part of Microsoft
Microsoft started the process of acquiring Nokia last year, and today the entire process is complete. Nokia is now officially part of Microsoft. Microsoft Corp. announced it has completed its acquisition of the Nokia Devices and Services business. The acquisition has been approved by Nokia sharehol....more
Windows Phone use growing in the US
Windows Phone use in the US has finally started to move in the right direction. Microsoft's mobile platform has been stuck at about 2% of the US market for some time, but according to Nielsen, Windows Phone use moved up to 3% while BlackBerry moved down to 2%. Most of the growth is probably due to N....more
Nokia announces Lumia Icon for Verizon
The Nokia Lumia Icon has been officially announced. We've heard rumors of this device for sometime, and now it is official. Verizon will get the Lumia Icon exclusively. Nokia says the first thing you will notice is the full 1080p HD, 5-inch display. The metal construction should give the device ....more
Microsoft narrows CEO search to two people
According to Bloomberg, Microsoft has narrowed its search for a new CEO down to two people. The last we heard they were focusing on four people to replace Steve Ballmer, one of whom was former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop. It looks like Elop got the axe. Bloomberg says the company is focused on Ford CEO Alan Mul....more
Leaked photo of Nokia Lumia 929
Another leaked photo of the upcoming Nokia Lumia 929 has shown up in the WPCentral forums. We've seen other leaks in the past, but this photo provides a slightly different angle. The Lumia 929 is said to have a massive 2510mAh battery to keep it going for a long time. It will launch on Verizon sometime in ....more
BlackBerry ahead of Samsung in South African market share
Much has been written about BlackBerry's downfall, but the company still has a few strongholds in the world. According to recently released market data, BlackBerry has overtaken Samsung in South African market share. Dashboard and World Wide Worx released new statistics claiming BlackBerry users in South Af....more
Nokia Lumia 1520 on sale for $99 at Amazon
Amazon is offering the Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet for just $99 with. The Lumia 1520 is currently the largest Windows Phone on the market, and Amazon is selling it for $100 less than your local AT&T store. To get the $99 price you will have to sign up for a new 2-year contract, of course. The Lumia 15....more
Stephen Elop would dump Bing and Xbox if named Microsoft CEO?
Ex-Nokia CEO and current VP at Microsoft, Stephen Elop, is apparently not very fond of Bing or XBOX. Unnamed sources have spoken to Bloomberg and predict that if Elop is named Microsoft CEO, he would abandon Bing, and sell of XBOX. What? According to Bloomberg, Elop would also change the way Microsoft mark....more
Viber updates BlackBerry app
Viber is not giving up on BlackBerry just yet. The company has released a new version of its BlackBerry app with new features to boot. In addition to privacy and location improvements, Viber for BlackBerry enhanced conversations with the ability to insert user images. In addition, a new "seen" status has be....more
Should Microsoft buy BlackBerry?
Speculation has been swirling about who would, or should, acquire BlackBerry in the wake of the company's announcement that it would look for a buyer. Microsoft has been named by quite a few bloggers as a potential buyer for BlackBerry. USATODAY makes a case for why Microsoft should buy BlackBerry in an art....more
BlackBerry shares up on sales speculation
BlackBerry's stock price is up nearly 2% after a report by The Wall Street Journal indicated the board wanted to complete a sale of the company by November. In the wake of the Microsoft/Nokia deal, many observers expressed negative sentiments as it seemed an acquisition of BlackBerry by Microsoft was not goi....more
BlackBerry nearing the end speeds up sale process
Reports are out today that BlackBerry is speeding up its sale process and hopes to have the company auctioned off by November. According to Dow Jones, BlackBerry is in ongoing discussions with multiple parties interested in buying the company, or parts of the company. Many believed Microsoft was in line to ....more
Microsoft "keeping an eye" on BlackBerry
According to a report by Bloomberg, Microsoft is still "keeping an eye on BlackBerry." Many observers believed BlackBerry's hopes to being acquired by Microsoft were dashed when MIcrosoft announced its $7 billion acquisition of Nokia. Bloomberg's Matthew Campbell and Aaron Kirchfeld have a different take ho....more
BlackBerry shares rise after Microsoft acquires Nokia
Microsoft announced its acquisition of Nokia's smartphone business yesterday sending BlackBerry's price up by 3.6%. Why would BlackBerry's stock rise because Microsoft purchased Nokia? Apparently investors are now optimistic that BlackBerry too will find a buyer. BlackBerry's board has been open ab....more
Microsoft acquires Nokia's smartphone business
Microsoft has finally purchased Nokia's Devices and Services business. Many people have speculated for some time that this deal was inevitable. Microsoft announced the news yesterday. Microsoft paid $7.2 billion for Nokia's smartphone business. Had they not purchased Nokia, there was a risk that W....more
Nokia posts Lumia 1020 lens video
Nokia has posted a video on its YouTube account that takes you behind the lens of the 41MP Lumia 1020 camera, and it's worth watching. If you missed the recent Lumia 1020 launch event you should check out this video. Nokia has hit a home run with the Lumia 1020 camera. From the description: more
More BlackBerry 10 devices coming this year
BlackBerry is on a bit of a mini-roll lately with the release of two new phones, the Z10 and Q10. According to Digitimes, BlackBerry will not stop there. The company plans to released 3 or 4 more BlackBerry devices this year. Two new devices have already been widely discussed, the A10 and Q5. That still le....more
Nokia sells 5.6 million Lumias in Q1 2013
Nokia had an operating loss for Q1 2013 with $7.7 billion in revenue, but there was a silver lining in the company's financial report. Nokia manged to sell 5.6 million Lumia phones during Q1 2013. That is a 30% increase over the previous quarter. That's great news for Microsoft even though Nokia is still h....more
Verizon Lumia 928 Windows Phone leaked
Verizon will be getting the Nokia Lumia 928 soon if you believe the rumors. We've heard several rumors, and even seen reports of the Lumia 928 showing up in Verizon's inventory. Now we're starting to see the leaked photos dribble out. @evleaks posted the photo above on Twitter. You can see the Verizon bra....more
Mint green Nokia Lumia 920 on the way?
Nokia has always had a tendency to build phones in various colors. The current line of Lumia phones offers several color options including blue, red, yellow, black, and white, but they don't have green...yet. The picture above was posted on the Facebook page of Nokia’s arm in Jordan leading a lot of people ....more
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