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John Chen criticizes Apple for privacy stance
BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, took aim at Apple today for the company's privacy stance. Although his sentiments make sense on the surface, this issue is not so cut and dry. Apple has decided to provide encryption for everyone. That kind of complete security allows everyone to protect their privacy. Of course....more
Netflix says it won't offer offline downloads because...?
Netflix says it won't offer offline downloads of its movies because it is too complex, and will ultimately confuse people. Really? Speaking to Gizmodo, Netflix’s Chief Product Officer, Neil Hunt, says users will be paralyzed by the choice and ultimately won't use the service.
“I still....more
Pakistan bans BlackBerry for privacy reasons
The government of Pakistan has issued an order banning BlackBerry Enterprise Server in the country. All operators have been instructed to shut the service down by November 30, 2015. Pakistan is the latest government in recent years to take issue with BlackBerry's encryption. It appears the government wants ....more
The Ubuntu phone is disappointing
The Ubuntu phone might be a reality, but it is seriously disappointing. Tech Republic took the BQ Aquaris E5 Ubuntu phone for a spin and they struggled to find something good to say. The Ubuntu phone was supposed to allow docking of the device for use on an external monitor, yet be a great smartphone too. ....more
Amazon updates Windows Phone app
Amazon has updated their Windows Phone app. The update does not introduce any new features but instead fixes bugs and promises performance improvements. The update brings the app up to version2.6.82.1. It is nice to see Amazon continue to cover all platforms.
The Amazon App allows Windo....more
British Prime Minister David Cameron touts BlackBerry
BuzzFeed recently interviewed British Prime Minister David Cameron who touted his use of BlackBerry. Mr. Cameron says he has his BlackBerry with him at all times, and can manage work anywhere in the world. He said he does have an iPhone for "family and friends," but for work he relies on the BlackBerry. ....more
Two-factor authentication app for BlackBerry 10 released
There are several two-factor authentication apps for BlackBerry, but Cyphercor Inc. is throwing their hat in the ring for BB10. The company announced their native two-factor authentication app for BlackBerry 10. According to the page in the BlackBerry World, the LoginTC app allows users to securely log on t....more
Meet the $48 Windows 8.1 tablet
Microsoft sure is targeting the low end tablet market recently. We have seen tablets come down to record lows. The Winbook 700w was a prime example at $70, but now comes a new contender at $48. The M....more
Cyanogen CEO sees Samsung going down in 5 years
Although Samsung has been dominant in the smartphone space for the last few years, one Android insider says they're going to lose to the competition. Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster doesn't think Samsung can hang in there for too much longer. In fact, he told Business Insider that Samsung will get "slaughtered" ....more
Man refused to unlock BlackBerry at airport now faces jail
A Canadian man now faces jail time after he refused to unlock his BlackBerry for border officials at a Canadian airport. Alain Philippon, 38, of Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, Quebeck, refused to give his BlackBerry password to Canada Border Services Agency officers during a customs search at Halifax Stanfield Inter....more
BlackBerry considering another tablet
BlackBerry has not had the best luck with tablets. The company released the PlayBook a few years ago and it basically flopped. BlackBerry CEO John Chen is not afraid to take another risk however. He was recently quoted as saying he is open to creating another tablet, but it has to be "iconic." I....more
Teen charged with murder after sending Snapchat selfie with corpse
File this one under dumbest criminals ever. A Pittsburgh teen was charged with murder after he apparently took a selfie with the corpse, then sent it out via Snapchat. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Maxwell Marion Morton, 16, shot his 16-year old classmate, then took a selfie with the corpse. ....more
John Chen calls for Application Neutrality
BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, recently sent a letter to members of congress to address the net neutrality issue. The letter went to the Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, the Chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, as well as Ranking Committee Members.....more
Samsung rumored to launch Galaxy S6 Edge with two Edge displays
Samsung released the Galaxy Note Edge last year as a proof of concept of sorts. It was an effort at showing the world its innovation chops. Whether a curved display is needed or wanted is up for debate, but Samsung looks to be pushing the envelope a bit further. A rumor is floating that Samsung will relea....more
BlackBerry selling Limited Edition Gold BlackBerry Passport
BlackBerry is releasing a limited edition Gold BlackBerry Passport. BlackBerry's online store says only 50 Gold Passports were made worldwide. If you think this is a collector's item now is the time to buy it. Be prepared to part with your cash though, because the Gold BlackBerry Passport will sell for $99....more
Morgan Stanley downgrades BlackBerry, stock falls
BlackBerry stock was down over 3.5% in per-market trading Wednesday as Morgan Stanley downgraded the company to "underweight" from "equal-weight." Morgan Stanley says BlackBerry is overly optimistic and will not be able to gain more traction in the enterprise mobile market.
"[BlackBerry] ....more
Forbes - BlackBerry stuck in the past
It appears some people are not very excited about BlackBerry going back to its roots with the BlackBerry Classic. In a response to John Chen's blog post yesterday touting the BlackBerry Classic, Forbes has run a piece by Ewan Spence slamming BlackBerry and even calling them disingenuous. more
UK Prime Minster David Cameron runs country from BlackBerry?
The Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron, can apparently run the country from his BlackBerry. After receiving criticism for going on vacation during tough political times, the prime minster was quoted as saying he can manage things from his BlackBerry.
“Wherever I am in the world, I a....more
BlackBerry explains the Passport's square design
Ever since BlackBerry CEO John Chen announced the BlackBerry Passport, the company has been mocked for its unusual design. The square phone looks unlike any smartphone we've seen before, and the tech world has been mostly laughing at the idea. BlackBerry released a statement on its website with an explanati....more
Amazon launches Fire Phone
Amazon launched their first smartphone today, and it looks like a decent offering. The Amazon Fire Phone has a few unique features, but it remains to be seen whether it will be enough to move people away from Android and iOS over to Amazon. Probably the most interesting feature of the Fire Phone is ....more
Amazon announces Fire TV streaming video box
Amazon is jumping into the streaming video box market with its own Fire TV box. Amazon announced Fire TV today, and it amounts to another competitor to Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast. Fire TV includes voice search which allows you to speak into the remote control and find movies by name. Other than that, th....more
NYPD testing Google Glass
Google Glass is widely seen as an expensive toy for Geeks, but that may not always be the case. There are many applications for Google Glass beyond geek culture. According to a report, the New York City Police Department is testing Glass with some officers as a way to fight crime.
We si....more
A toaster charger for your smartphones?
Kickstarter is definitely the place for interesting ideas, but this one takes the cake. How would you feel about charging your smartphone in a toaster? That's right, a toaster. The foaster is the smartphone charger that looks like a toaster. I guess it's supposed to clean up the clutter of your iPhone cabl....more
BlackBerry ahead of Samsung in South African market share
Much has been written about BlackBerry's downfall, but the company still has a few strongholds in the world. According to recently released market data, BlackBerry has overtaken Samsung in South African market share. Dashboard and World Wide Worx released new statistics claiming BlackBerry users in South Af....more
Chen gets $88 million package from BlackBerry
BlackBerry's interim CEO is getting a pretty sweet deal from BlackBerry. Chen will attempt to turn the company around, and he has a big incentive to do it. According to Bloomberb, Chen will receive $1 million in salary with a possible $2 million performance bonus. He will also get 13 million shares that wi....more
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Found: 929   Displaying: 1 - 25 << First | Prev || Next | Last >>

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