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Samsung to buy BlackBerry for $7.5 billion?
Rumors were flying last week about a possible acquisition of BlackBerry by Samsung. While both companies denied the rumors, sending BlackBerry stock straight down, the rumors persist. Samsung is apparently interested in valuable BlackBerry patents as it competes head to head with Apple. BlackBerry would lo....more
BlackBerry shares soar on new Samsung rumors
The rumors just won't go away. BlackBerry stock was riding high a few days ago on rumors Samsung would acquire BlackBerry. After both Samsung and BlackBerry denied takeover rumors, BlackBerry stock tanked. Samsung said it wanted to partner with BlackBerry instead of acquire them, but a new rumor along with....more
HTC One M8 Google Play Edition going away
Most diehard Android fans want a pure Google experience on their phone. Some vendors create custom Google versions of their phones to the delight of the pure Android experience. HTC created a Google Play Edition of their One M8, but it appears Google is phasing it out. The HTC One M8 Google Play Ed....more
Is Samsung still pursuing purchase of BlackBerry despite denials?
Rumors were swirling about a possible acquisition of BlackBerry by Samsung until both companies denied the rumors this week. According to the Financial Post however, Samsung is still pursuing a BlackBerry takeover. The Financial Post says it has obtained a document that was for Samsung by New York-based ind....more
Samsung wants to partner with BlackBerry, not acquire
BlackBerry stock went crazy last week when a report surfaced that the company had met with Samsung about a possible acquisition. The stock shot up only to come plummeting back do....more
Samsung rumored to launch Galaxy S6 Edge with two Edge displays
Samsung released the Galaxy Note Edge last year as a proof of concept of sorts. It was an effort at showing the world its innovation chops. Whether a curved display is needed or wanted is up for debate, but Samsung looks to be pushing the envelope a bit further. A rumor is floating that Samsung will relea....more
BlackBerry stock drops after denying Samsung acquisition
Despited BlackBerry's recent string of good news, a report by Reuters suggested BlackBerry was in talks with Samsung about a $7 billion acquisition. BlackBerry denied the report, and its stock tumbled nearly 17% in early trading. BlackBerry stock was up over 45% in 2014, but it looks like they are coming bac....more
2014 a great year for BBRY
BlackBerry outperformed most of its tech rivals even though the company endured loads of negative stories throughout the year. BBRY is up about 48% over the past year. That's better than Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and many more. How can that be? BlackBerry apparently has a solid set of bullish investors w....more
Samsung and BlackBerry partner on Android security
Android security has been suspect, and BlackBerry is known for its best in class mobile security. What better opportunity for partnership could there be? BlackBerry announced a partnership with Samsung that will bring BlackBerry level security to Android phones. The new program will launch next y....more
Apple takes 86% of smartphone profits
What? Haven't we heard that Apple is losing market share to Android? We sure have, but why would they care? They apparently hold an estimated 86% of the profits from smartphone sales. Compare that to Samsung who takes an estimated 18%. Canaccord Genuity analyst, Michael Walkley, issued a note to investor....more
Don't believe the fanboy media. iPhone 6 is a two handed device
A large portion of the tech media is made up of Apple fanboys. No matter what Apple does, the fanboys love it. I'm an Apple fan too, but I'm not crazy. I've seen review, after review, after review, tout the iPhone 6 as the best iPhone yet. It might be the best iPhone, but it is not a device you can use on....more
Samsung moving up Note 4 launch because of iPhone 6 Plus
Samsung is going to push up the launch of the Note 4, according to a report in the Korean Times. Executives at Samsung are reportedly unhappy about the reaction to Apple's iPhone 6 launch. The response has been off the charts with Apple selling a record $10 million phones during launch weekend. As a result....more
The iPhone 6 is disappointing
The title says it all. I'm disappointed in the iPhone 6. Why? There are several reasons for my disappointment and I'm not exactly sure how to state it best. It seems like Apple is simply chasing Samsung rather than sticking to their convictions. This seems like a move to take market share from the compet....more
Samsung Galaxy Mega stops bullet, saves man's life
Can your smartphone stop a bullet and save your life? A man in Taiwan put the theory to the test, and his Samsung Galaxy Mega passed with flying colors. Apparently, the man was involved in a bar fight over a wallet he found. After making the comment, "free beer," the owner of the wallet got upset. He pull....more
BlackBerry says Android and iOS users already switching to Passport
BlackBerry says Android and iOS users are already switching back to BB because of the Passport. The BB Passport is new, and thus users want to come back to check it out. That's the logic at BlackBerry anyway. They could be right, but keep in mind the title of their blog post is "Welcome Back! 12 Consumers E....more
BlackBerry CEO takes jab at Android
Google announced several new features for Android at last week's Google I/O conference. One of those features was Android for Work. In the new bring your own device world, it is important for companies to know their data is safe on an employee's device. Android for Work will allow "containerization" of data....more
BlackBerry Z3 launching in India next week
BlackBerry will launch the low cost BlackBerry Z3 in India next week. The company has sent out invitations to a launch event on June 25 entitled, "Today's India smartphone is here." The Indian market is known for its low cost devices and the Z3 was created specifically for the Indian market. These facts su....more
HTC head of design leaving company
HTC has been hurting for awhile now as their handsets just are not as popular as those from Samsung. HTC just released the best smartphone on the market, the HTC One M8, but it looks like the man responsible for the M8 is on his way out. Scott Croyle, HTC's head of design, is leaving the company to pursue ot....more
Sprint customers to get Windows Phone 8.1 update this summer
Sprint Windows Phone users are on notice they will get the Windows Phone 8.1 update this summer. Sprint announced the HTC 8XT and Samsung's ATIV S Neo will both get the WP 8.1 update this summer. No official date has been released, but more information will be released in the coming months. We should see W....more
White House testing Samsung, LG phones, may dump BlackBerry?
According to The Wall Street Journal, the White House is currently testing phones from Samsung and LG, threatening one of BlackBerry's last strongholds. BlackBerry has historically been known for security. When President Obama came into office he famously convinced the Secret Service to allow him to continu....more
BlackBerry not doing so well in Indonesia
BlackBerry was once dominant in Indonesia, but it appears the Canadian smartphone maker has lost ground to Samsung and Apple. The Indonesian market has been soft for BlackBerry as users hungry for apps are going for Android and iOS. According to a report from the International Data Corporation (IDC), BlackB....more
Did Samsung ask Olympic athletes to cover Apple logos?
A report has been circulating that Samsung asked Olympic athletes to cover all non-Samsung logos during the opening ceremonies. Samsung gave Note 3's to Olympians as part of their gift bag, and several reports insisted Samsung required those athletes to cover logos of other phone manufacturers if they used t....more
Samsung Galaxy Note Pro up for pre-order in the UK
The Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 Pro hasn't hit US shores yet, but it will soon be available in the UK. The massive Galaxy Note 12.2 Pro is up for pre-order in the UK. The price on the Note Pro is 649, about $1,076 US. For that price you get a WiFi version, in black or white. You also get a Gamepad worth 80....more
Google sells Motorola Mobility to Lenovo
Just a few short years after Google purchase Motorola Mobility, the company is dumping the cell phone maker. Many were questioning Google's decision after finding out the sale price is $2.9 Billion. After all, Google paid $12.5 Billion for Motorola just a few years ago. It appears that Google will be keepi....more
Samsung is failing says CNNMoney
Samsung had the most popular phones on the market. Their latest Galaxy S4 was the fastest selling Android phone of all time, but apparently that is not enough to keep their stock price up. Analysts were expecting Samsung to sell more than the 40 million S4's they sold in six months. The company released un....more
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Found: 346   Displaying: 1 - 25 << First | Prev || Next | Last >>

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