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BlackBerry's Android phone shown off on video
BlackBerry's upcoming Android phone, the BlackBerry Venice, has shown up in a walk through video. Although the BlackBerry Venice is not due out until November, you can get a glimpse of BlackBerry's latest offering now. There were rumors that the next BlackBerry phone would feature a curved display. ....more
BlackBerry Passport full specs leaked
The BlackBerry Passport's launch is about a month away and some specs have begun to leak. We all know the Passport will have a square design, but what about the particulars. N4BB has released the full BlackBerry Passport specs and they look good. The BlackBerry Passport will include a 4.5 inch scre....more
BlackBerry Passport shown off on video
U.K. retailer Carphone Warehouse produced a video walk through of the BlackBerry Passport. The video showed off many of the new features of the Passport, including the new touch sensitive keyboard. After a short time however, the video was removed. Sites like CrackBerry and BGR featured the video, and it m....more
Android 4.4 KitKat unofficially running on HP TouchPad
The HP TouchPad was released two years ago when webOS was still an HP project. Since then, webOS has gone open source and people have been porting versions of Android on the device. Now there is a port of the latest version of Android KitKat for the TouchPad. The HP TouchPad is a 9.7 inch tablet ....more
Looking for a HP Touchpad? They are still out there
If you missed out on the fire sale at Best Buy when HP sold out of its last Touchpads, and have been kicking yourself ever since, don't worry. You can still find a HP Touchpad out there if you're willing to take a chance. Several retailers still offer HP Touchpads, although they can get pricey. A....more
Dear Apple, please give iOS a mouse driver
I've been using my iPad to write more and more using iWork's Pages. I started using my iPad because I would take it to the gym to watch Netflix while riding a bike. After I finished my workouts I would sit at a table outside the gym and do email. Then it occurred to me that I could do much more than email, ....more
Refurbished HP TouchPads selling at Woot
Did you miss the HP fire sale of the TouchPad? If you're still in the market for a TouchPad, Woot is now selling refurbished TouchPads. Although they're not as cheap as HP's $99 fire sale, they are still a pretty good deal if you really like the TouchPad. Woot is offering the 16GB version for $169,....more
OTA update for webOS released by HP
Even though webOS is effectively dead as a competitive mobile OS, HP is apparently still working on it. HP released an over the air update to webOS. The update takes TouchPads to version 3.0.5, and the Pre 2 and Pre 3 handsets to version 2.2.4. The OTA update brings improvements in calendar and me....more
HP pushes OTA update for the TouchPad
HP has pushed out an OTA update for the TouchPad. The update brings webOS up to version 3.0.4. The update includes a new camera app, as well as the ability to pair the TouchPad to non-WebOS smartphones so you can answer calls via the TouchPad. The update also brings performance and user interface improveme....more
Get Android running on the HP TouchPad now
Check out this video of Android running on the TouchPad. It's sluggish for sure, but it is running in a card like any other app. It looks like some kind of emulator which is not ideal, but it is a step forward for all those trying to get Android running on the TouchPad. You can try the ipk download....more
BlackBerry PlayBook prices slashed at US and Canadian retailers
Research in Motion's retail partners have started to drop prices on the BlackBerry Tablet after months of poor sales. Retailers including Staples, Best Buy, Future Shop and Walmart Canada have dropped the price of the PlayBook and at least one telecom partner, Rogers Communications Inc. has jumped on the ban....more
BlackBerry PlayBook doomed like the Touchpad?
RIM is set to release earnings today, and many analysts are already predicting gloom and doom for the company. One analyst in particular suggests the PlayBook will find the same fate as the recently discontinued HP Touchpad. Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair believes that there is no reason to su....more
HP says more TouchPads on the way
By discontinuing the TouchPad, HP created an unbelievable demand for the product they cared little about just a few weeks ago. Due to the overwhelming demand, HP has decided to make one final batch of TouchPads. Can you believe that? More TouchPads are on the way. The demand for the TouchPad pro....more
HP TouchPad finally gets the buzz it needed to survive
In a weird twist of fate, the HP TouchPad has finally gotten the "buzz" it really needed to survive. Too bad it required HP killing the TouchPad to get so many people excited about webOS and the TouchPad. Since HP dropped the price of the TouchPad to $99 there were long lines at Best Buy, and every retailer....more
BlackBerry PlayBook is in demand in Australia
The BlackBerry PlayBook is selling very well in Australia according to retailer Harvey Norman. While the buzz in the US has been HP's TouchPad as of late (and of course the iPad 2), the BlackBerry PlayBook in in demand and sales are exceeding expectations in Australia.
“Sales of the Pl....more
5 reasons the TouchPad is the best tablet right now
HP sure set the tablet world upside down when they decided to kill the TouchPad, and therefore webOS. If you're reading this, you probably already know that Best Buy sold out of their inventory of TouchPads mighty fast, and you're hard pressed to get one now. HP says they will offer more in a few days so yo....more
Team TouchDroid hopes to port Android to webOS
The HP TouchPad fire sale is on. If you haven't picked yours up yet you can get a TouchPad for as low as $99 or $149 depending on which model you choose. With hardware that cheap there's already talk of porting Android over to it. Wouldn't that be something? Check out the hashtag on Twitter for more
64GB White TouchPad now available on HP website
Um...did someone at HP miss yesterday's message that the company was scrapping webOS devices entirely? A listing for the white 64GB HP TouchPad has shown up on HP USA's website. The device sells for $599 and apparently you can order one if you'd like. I'm not going to be surprised if this turns out to be a....more
HP begins liquidating TouchPads
That was fast. After the big announcement that the company was dumping its webOS devices HP didn't waste time in getting rid of the TouchPad stock. The company sent out a memo to HP affiliates advising them to start liquidating the HP TouchPad stock.
"HP will be lowering the price of th....more
HP to discontinue webOS device operations
As part of HP's quarterly fiscal announcement the company reported plans to announce it will discontinue operations for webOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and webOS phones. HP will continue to explore options to optimize the value of webOS software going forward. HP has been having trouble gett....more
Best Buy sells less than 10% of HP TouchPad inventory
According to AllThingsD, the HP TouchPad isn't selling so well at Best Buy. In fact, it is selling very poorly. AllThingsD has a source that says Best Buy has sold less than 10% of their initial inventory of TouchPads. Best Buy apparently started with 270,000 TouchPads, but has managed to sell only 25,000 ....more
Does HP want the TouchPad to fail?
This might be a crazy theory but Beatweek Magazine has a story that suggests HP actually wants the TouchPad to fail commercially. The argument is that HP had to build the tablet after their acquisition of Palm and its webOS, but the top brass would rather see it just go away and be discontinued. <....more
HP drops TouchPad price by $100
HP has extended last weekends $100 savings on TouchPads (permanently?). Starting today the official price of the TouchPad is $100 less than it was last week. That means you can pick up a 16GB model for $399 instead of $499, and the 32GB model for $499 instead of $599. Considering the HP TouchPad ....more
HP dropping TouchPad pricing
HP is set to drop the pricing of the TouchPad by $100 this weekend. You'll be able to choose between the 16GB and 32GB versions, and you can get either one for $100 less than you could get it right now. HP's discount site says the price will be available on August 5. Frankly, the TouchPad would have to be $....more
Sorry HP, I'm not buying a TouchPad
The HP TouchPad is finally official today. If you're in the market for one go out and have a ball. I'm sorry to say that I won't get buying a TouchPad. I've been a fan of webOS since it was announced at CES a few years ago. I couldn't wait to get my hands on a Pre. When I finally got my Pre I w....more
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