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Sprint customers to get Windows Phone 8.1 update this summer
Sprint Windows Phone users are on notice they will get the Windows Phone 8.1 update this summer. Sprint announced the HTC 8XT and Samsung's ATIV S Neo will both get the WP 8.1 update this summer. No official date has been released, but more information will be released in the coming months. We should see W....more
Microsoft will make Windows free for devices under 9 inches
Microsoft's new CEO seems to be having a big impact since taking over the software giant. One of the bigger pieces of news to come out of Build 2014 was the announcement that Microsoft will make Windows and Windows Phone free for devices under 9 inches. That is huge news for Microsoft. How could they expec....more
iPhone users should dump Gmail
A little more than a year ago Google dropped Exchange support for iOS devices. Before Google crapped on millions of iPhone users who depended Gmail, iOS Mail and Gmail via Exchange was the best way to get push mail on any device. Apple’s Mail client on the iPhone was fantastic, and paired with Gmail it made....more
Nokia announces Lumia Icon for Verizon
The Nokia Lumia Icon has been officially announced. We've heard rumors of this device for sometime, and now it is official. Verizon will get the Lumia Icon exclusively. Nokia says the first thing you will notice is the full 1080p HD, 5-inch display. The metal construction should give the device ....more
Amazon updates Kindle app for Windows Phone
Amazon has updated its Kindle app for Windows Phone to version The Kindle app was clearly lacking before, and Amazon is determined to keep their apps up to speed on all platforms. The most notable addition in version is fast resume. That means the app can resume where it left off....more
Nokia Lumia 1520 on sale for $99 at Amazon
Amazon is offering the Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet for just $99 with. The Lumia 1520 is currently the largest Windows Phone on the market, and Amazon is selling it for $100 less than your local AT&T store. To get the $99 price you will have to sign up for a new 2-year contract, of course. The Lumia 15....more
Windows Phone market share up 156%
Windows Phone has been sluggish at best, but things may be turning around. Windows Phone market share is up 156% year over year. IDC has released their quarterly report and Windows Phone is in third place behind Android and iOS, at 3.6% market share. 3.6% market share is still embarrassingly low, but it mar....more
Viber updates BlackBerry app
Viber is not giving up on BlackBerry just yet. The company has released a new version of its BlackBerry app with new features to boot. In addition to privacy and location improvements, Viber for BlackBerry enhanced conversations with the ability to insert user images. In addition, a new "seen" status has be....more
Official Facebook app for Windows Phone updated
The official Facebook app for Windows Phone has been lagging behind other platforms, but a new version has been released. The Facebook app for Windows Phone has been updated to version 5.1 and adds some photo features to the client. The biggest new feature is the ability to batch upload photos to messages. ....more
Microsoft activates Windows Gift Cards in the Windows 8.1 Store
Amazon recently started offering Microsoft Windows Gift Cards, and it now appears you can use it to purchase Windows Store Apps on Windows 8.1. Until now there hasn't been a coherent way to gift someone apps, and Microsoft is changing that.
For those of you who do not get how big this i....more
Should Microsoft buy BlackBerry?
Speculation has been swirling about who would, or should, acquire BlackBerry in the wake of the company's announcement that it would look for a buyer. Microsoft has been named by quite a few bloggers as a potential buyer for BlackBerry. USATODAY makes a case for why Microsoft should buy BlackBerry in an art....more
Skype brings video messaging to Windows Phone 8 app
Skype for Windows Phone 8 has been updated to include video messaging. Users can now send short video messages to other Skype users for free. Although no other new features are included in the update, video messaging is a nice addition. Skype previously had the feature on other platforms, but not Windows P....more
Microsoft acquires Nokia's smartphone business
Microsoft has finally purchased Nokia's Devices and Services business. Many people have speculated for some time that this deal was inevitable. Microsoft announced the news yesterday. Microsoft paid $7.2 billion for Nokia's smartphone business. Had they not purchased Nokia, there was a risk that W....more
Google blocks Microsoft's WP YouTube app
Google has blocked Microsoft's new Windows Phone YouTube app. Despite the companies working together on the app, Google has blocked the app over "terms of service" guidelines. The disagreement appears to be centered around HTML 5. Apparently Google wanted the app to be built with HTML 5, and Micro....more
Microsoft ad pokes fun at Apple and Android
The latest ad for Microsoft's Windows Phone simply nails it. Anyone who has followed the mobile wars will get a kick out of this one. It's obviously skewed and attacks Android and iOS, but the references and generalizations are still funny. ....more
Updated Facebook for Windows Phone hits beta
Microsoft has redesigned the official Facebook app for Windows Phone 8 and needs users to help get the kinks out. They are offering a beta release of the official Facebook app to users who will help them report bugs. You can expect the app to crash and have issues, but you will get your hands on the latest ....more
Tumblr for Windows Phone released
One more big mobile app has made its way to WIndows Phone 8 today. Tumblr has released a native app for WP8. The Tumblr app has all the features of the Android and iOS app and will allow WP8 users to post while they're on the go. From the WP Blog: "The app lets you post just about anyth....more
Linkedin for Windows Phone 8 updated
Linkedin for Windows Phone 8 has been updated. The new app now supports all three tile sizes, and voice commands. The app also has lockscreen support for images from Linkedin Today. Check out the link below for the updated app in the Windows Phone Store. "Get on-the-go access to your pro....more
Verizon Lumia 928 Windows Phone leaked
Verizon will be getting the Nokia Lumia 928 soon if you believe the rumors. We've heard several rumors, and even seen reports of the Lumia 928 showing up in Verizon's inventory. Now we're starting to see the leaked photos dribble out. @evleaks posted the photo above on Twitter. You can see the Verizon bra....more
Viber launches on Windows Phone 8
Viber has launched on Windows Phone 8 with a new native app that has been designed to take advantage of the WP8 UI. Viber for WP8 includes all the usual features including free text and photo messaging, free VoIP HD calling, group chat, and location sharing. The app also supports up to 30 different languages....more
Is this the Nokia Lumia 950?
The photo above is supposedly a prototype of the next Lumia 950 Windows Phone from Nokia. Windows Phone Central published the pic today, but made clear they could not confirm the legitimacy of the photo. They suggest several reasons to be skeptical including aliasing in the photo, and the Windows logo appea....more
Android increases lead over Apple in US
According to Kantar, Android handsets increased their lead over Apple in the US during the latest reporting period. A year ago iPhone led Android by 2 percent (47% to 45%) in US marketshare, but those positions have shifted. Android has now taken over and leads iPhone 51%-43%. That's a six point swing in An....more
Windows Phone marketshare growing
Windows Phone is making some gains in smartphone marketshare according to Kantar. While iOS and Android clearly dominate, Windows Phone is up more than a point in the last year. Previously Windows Phone had about 2.7 percent of the US market, but in the last year they have jumped to 4.1 percent. In other c....more
Evernote for Windows Phone gets major update
Evernote for Windows Phone has been updated to version 3.0 with a new home screen, shortcuts, better tags, and more. The new homescreen is simplified and gives you access to everything you need. You can create a note, search, access account info and more right from the home screen. The tag list on ....more
Uber launches Windows Phone app
Uber, a popular on demand car service has launched a Windows Phone app. iPhone users have been enjoying Uber for quite some time. The company competes with taxi service in several major cities. Instead of hailing a cab, you simply use the app to request a car service. The app tells you when the driver wil....more
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Found: 720   Displaying: 1 - 25 << First | Prev || Next | Last >>

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