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Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone updated
Facebook has updated its Messenger app for Windows Phone to version 10.0.0. The update brings new features like viewing profiles of people from within the conversation, and adding notifications to the conversation. Stickers also load faster and more reliable now. Features: Get to all your me....more
CyberDust for Windows Phone updated
The Windows Phone version of Mark Cuban's private texting app CyberDust has been updated again. Cuban's crew has been updating CyberDust like crazy over the last year and it's turning into quite a good communications tool. CyberDust allows secure communications between users. Each message expires....more
Popular WP developer launches new 6discover app
Popular Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn has launched his sixth app. Built to use SnapChat's Discover service, 6discover allows you to read stories from CNN, National Geographic, Yahoo, Comedy Central, and more. Check out 6discover's description from the Windows Phone Store: "6dis....more
Windows 10 for Phones technical preview 10051 now available
If you want the latest and greatest on your phone and you don't mind using beta software you can try Microsoft's latest Windows 10 for Phones technical preview. It has been a couple of months since Microsoft made a technical preview for phones available and WP world has been waiting anxiously for a new updat....more
Italian bank Veneto Banca launches Windows Phone app
At a time when US banks like Chase are leaving their Windows Phone users behind by dumping their app, Italian bank Veneto Banca is launching an official Windows Phone app. Veneto Banca will allow their users to access their accounts and perform banking functions on their Windows Phone. The app is ....more
IE in Windows Phone 8.1 has a security flaw, sort of
Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 8.1 has a bit of a security flaw. The flaw has to do with the way IE treats passwords. Normally, when you enter a password the OS replaces your entry with asterisks. For example, entering a password of "abc123" will result in "******." Several users on more
Maestro email for Windows Phone launched, free for 24 hours
Maestro, the alternative email client for Windows Phone has officially launched. Maestro is a design based email client that has some interesting features. For example, you can add themes on a per account basis in the app. Maestro is also gesture based helping you triage your email efficiently. Maestro sup....more
Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone updated
Facebook has issued a minor update to their Messenger app for Windows Phone. The latest release takes Facebook Messenger to version The update does not add new features but most certainly contains the standard bug fixes and increased stability. You can pick up your copy in the more
Simfy Africa music service launches Windows Phone app
Windows Phone is starting to gain a bit of traction in South Africa due to low entry prices. Recent estimates put Windows Phone at about 7% market share in Africa. While not stunning, this number is expected to increase as Microsoft aggressively targets the lower end student market. Students in South Afric....more
New Windows 10 for Phone images leaked
As Microsoft continues to tweak and refine Windows 10 for phones, they are having a difficult time keeping things under wraps. Chinese enthusiast site ITHome has a good track record of credible leaks. This time they have published new screen s....more
VLC for Windows Phone updated
VLC Player for Microsoft's Windows Phone has been updated. As with most updates, the company says there are bug fixes and stability/performance improvements. VLC is still technically in beta, but feels pretty stable. VLC media player is a portable, free and open-source, cross-platform media player ....more
Windows Phone finally gets official Dropbox app
Oh Windows Phone, you're so neglected. It's no secret that one of the main issues with Windows Phone getting off the ground was the lack of support from developers. Although apps like Evernote were available, popular services like Dropbox skipped Windows Phone. Sure third party apps were available, but off....more
Microsoft activates Windows Gift Cards in the Windows 8.1 Store
Amazon recently started offering Microsoft Windows Gift Cards, and it now appears you can use it to purchase Windows Store Apps on Windows 8.1. Until now there hasn't been a coherent way to gift someone apps, and Microsoft is changing that.
For those of you who do not get how big this i....more
Microsoft improves Windows Phone 8 virtual demo
Microsoft has a new and improved virtual Windows Phone demo. You can take a stroll through the Windows Phone experience in your browser. The demo works in most PC browsers, but it also works in most phone browsers as well. In fact, I just did the demo on an iPhone 5 and it was flawless. If you kno....more
Windows Phone Marketplace hits 100,000 apps
The Windows Phone Marketplace now boasts over 100,000 apps, according to AllAboutWindowsPhone. It has taken Microsoft 20 months to accumulate 100,000 apps which is just about average when compared to Android and iOS. About 313 new apps are now being published daily to the Marketplace. Microsoft is ....more
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Found: 15   Displaying: 1 - 15 << First | Prev || Next | Last >>

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